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Our broad range of activities supports the personal and social development of our students, as well as nurtures skills and qualities outlined in the Ashwood Glen Profile.

While some activities are incorporated in to the school day, others are offered as after school engagements. Based on student interest and societal trends we are always willing to expand our offerings.

Our current activities include:

  • Intramural and Interschool Athletics
  • Robotics
  • Maker Space
  • Cooking Club
  • Math Competitions
  • Model United Nations
  • Social Enterprise
  • Choir
  • Environment Club
  • Chess
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Dance

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Intramural and Interschool Athletics

Intramural and interschool athletics include team and individual sports where students are engaged in practice and competition. Intramural and interschool athletics vary based on the season and interest. Contact us for more information about current and upcoming offerings.


Our robotics program is the combination of science and engineering that harnesses the inquisitive nature and logical problem solving, in combination with mechanics. The robotics team is dedicated to designing, constructing, and using mechanical robots.

Maker Space

Maker space is the space and opportunity for students to create and make! Maker Space provides a hands-on opportunity to create, design, experiment, tinker, invent, or build something. This student-centered approach fosters creativity and curiosity to encourage learning.

Cooking Club

Nutrition and the relationship with food is an important foundational skill that sets a child up for healthy growth and development and long-term success. Children who learn to cook and prepare food are better prepared to care for themselves and are better able to carry on healthy lifestyles. Our cooking club brings creativity and fun to the kitchen while providing useful and practical skills for a brighter future.

Math Competitions

Math competitions and math club is a fun and challenging way to encourage students to really understand the concepts they learn in class. Computing and calculating are great ways to support critical thinking enhancement and provide confidence in difficult subjects.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations, or Model UN, provides an opportunity for students to roleplay delegates of the United Nations and collaborate with other schools. This group helps to hone the skills of researching, public speaking, debate, writing, critical thinking, judgment, teamwork, collaboration, and leadership. Students in Model UN have a better understanding of government, politics, and world relationships.

Social Enterprise

An introduction to the world of business and turning ideas into income, the Social Enterprise club affords students the opportunity to learn and share entrepreneurial ideas. This activity allows students to explore alternative career opportunities and gain insight into the changing views of success.


Fun for all tones and pitches, choir is an outlet for the musically inclined to express themselves vocally. Choir is a wonderful way to provide students the opportunity to establish an appreciation for music while harnessing their talent and deliver a positive message to share.

Environment Club

Exploring, respecting, and discovering the environment around them at a young age allows children to have a deeper understanding of the world around them and their impact. Our students not only learn about the environment and their impact but explore opportunities to help improve the world around them and leave a positive impact.


Chess club provides students the opportunity to grow and develop their skills and compete against other players. Chess is a game that encourages critical thinking and maximizes brainpower. Playing with other children improves social skills and helps develop confidence.

Tae Kwon Do

For discipline, confidence, exercise, and an effective self-defense lesson, Tae Kwon Do is both fun and useful for students. Kids love learning new physical skills and the movements involved in martial arts, while parents and teachers love the respect, personal responsibility, and discipline it helps reinforce.


Dance is a creative outlet that allows students to use their bodies to express themselves. Dance helps develop an appreciation for music and the arts while discovering confidence and awareness of self.
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