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Welcome to Ashwood Glen.

Children are naturally curious and we believe that all children can and will learn if they feel valued, respected and included in their learning community. This belief is echoed throughout our school and is at the core of our programming and decision making.

Making a difference in the lives of those we teach is the purpose of education. We ensure our students are appropriately challenged, empowered and supported in their journey to reach their potential. As students are motivated and encouraged by different stimuli, we endeavour to provide them with a variety of opportunities and scenarios, and to seek their input and ownership in developing their individual learning curves.

At Ashwood Glen, learning is augmented by encouraging students to explore and investigate the world around them in a creative and innovative manner. To empower and engage our students, we provide a safe learning environment for them to embrace challenges, take positive risks and develop resilience through inquiry and experiential learning.

Exemplifying diversity and international-mindedness, we desire to build an inclusive learning community that embodies the Ashwood Glen Profile. Our vision for our students is for them to emerge as confident and resilient change agents, ready and able to foster excellence in their professional and personal endeavors.

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