Ashwood Glen Personal and Social Emotional Learning Program

Personal and Social-Emotional Learning Program (PSEL)

At Ashwood Glen we believe in balancing personal wellbeing and achievement. Our PSEL program is embedded throughout our culture and curriculum, and helps students navigate and build mutually beneficial relationships and character traits.

Wellness ensure students adopt a balanced lifestyle that suits their personal and community-driven needs. While academic achievement is strongly encouraged, students are nurtured and supported to reach objectives at their own pace using a variety of resources and methodologies.

Our PSEL program is proactive, developmental and responsive. It encourages students to take and lead initiatives, supports their progress every step of the way and finally through our Mentor Time program, students have mentors who advocate for and guide them throughout their journey.

Mentor Time at Ashwood Glen provides students an added sense of security. The mentor – mentee relationship creates a trusted safe space for students to communicate with and lean on their assigned mentor who will work closely with them to provide support as and when required.

Moreover, the PSEL program helps students develop the skills and qualities identified in the Ashwood Glen Profile. Our intent is to create confident and capable leaders equipped to lead change and make a difference in their local and global communities.

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