Montessori and International Baccalaureate School | Ashwood Glen

Who We Are

Our Mission

We foster excellence, inspire leadership and empower students with skills to lead fulfilling lives.

As a community, we:

  • strive to always do our best
  • learn and grow together
  • thrive in both personal and academic achievement
  • take responsibility for positive change locally and globally

We believe that learning is effective when students:

  • feel safe, included, respected and valued by their learning community
  • are appropriately challenged, empowered and supported to achieve objectives
  • have a voice to inform their learning experiences
  • are members of a diverse and internationally minded learning community

Our mantra at Ashwood Glen is: Inspire, Empower and Excel.

These core values are deeply integrated into every aspect of our offering and being. Our primary objective is to empower and inspire young impressionable minds and teach our students to embrace and overcome challenging situations.

Equipped with broad skill sets and a plethora of confidence, they are adequately prepared to face real world scenarios.

As we focus on nurturing the child holistically, we believe that academic achievement goes hand-in-hand with social and emotional development. We believe it is this combination of academics, character building and social skills that will give our students a competitive advantage in the future.

Our students are our champions; for them to excel, we foster an environment in which they can be inspired and empowered.

Our Pedagogy:

  • fosters learner agency
  • personalizes learning
  • balances personal and academic achievement
  • builds inclusive learning communities
  • integrates transdisciplinary learning and concept-driven inquiry
  • develops international mindedness

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