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Middle School

Our Middle School Program

The Ashwood Glen Middle School is for students from Grades 6-8. During this period our focus is to further hone each students’ personal objectives and abilities and to provide support and guidance along the way.

Developing a positive sense of self, leaning empathy and displaying confidence, while critical, can be challenging for adolescents. Our Middle School Academic Learning curriculum focuses on providing opportunities for exploration, risk-taking, service learning and leadership development. Furthermore, the attributes of the Ashwood Glen Profile are thoughtfully embedded in all areas of our program.

Learning activities are designed to help students develop key skills: critical thinking, strong communication, social and personal management, and finally research and analysis. Our concept-driven inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning not only enhances student learning towards the Ontario curriculum standards, but also supports the development of the skills listed above.

Our pedagogy is inclusive and at Ashwood Glen diversity is highly valued and celebrated. We continuously strive to develop international mindedness and intercultural understanding. To help reinforce this, we have incorporated teambuilding and collaborative activities throughout our programming and curriculum. While these activities are offered to all students, they are differentiated to allow students to learn and embrace them at their own pace.

Class sizes range from 10 to 16 students allowing for personalized learning. Our inclusiveness classrooms and flexible teaching curriculum accommodate students with additional learning needs and those with higher abilities.

Middle School Day

Our Middle School day runs from 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. To encourage independence and confidence, the schedule has been intentionally designed to allow greater flexibility enabling students to make choices for engagement and participation in learning activities beyond academics.

Similar to Junior School, our Middle School students have wellness and mindfulness time built in to their day. This ensures our students have adequate time and opportunities for reflection and for clarity of mind.

While core subjects: English, French, math and social studies are taught in the student’s home classroom, specialty rooms have been assigned for art, science, music and physical education. Quality is key to a good education and to ensure we maintain high standards, we hire teaching staff who are experts in their respective fields to impart this knowledge.

Finally, though our Mentor Time program, each student or mentee is assigned to a mentor or teacher with whom they will meet regularly to discuss any potential issues or concerns and address them accordingly. Students will also participate in a host of creative activities, maker space, service learning programs and teambuilding exercises and assemblies.

Grade 8 Action/Service Learning Project

Our Grade 8 students participate in a comprehensive action/service learning project with the intent to engage them in an in-depth, collaborative inquiry into a topic of global significance. Student celebrate their learning by sharing their journey with their peers and community.

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