Why the IB Programme is the Perfect Transition from Montessori

Why Montessori and International Baccalaureate are the Perfect Match

Ashwood Glen School - Primary Year Class

Ashwood Glen School - Primary Year Class

Navigating Your Child’s Educational Path:
Why Montessori and International Baccalaureate are the Perfect Match.

Are you contemplating the next step in your child’s educational journey after Montessori?

Let’s delve into how Ashwood Glen School’s unique blend of Montessori principles with the International Baccalaureate (IB) program offers a seamless and enriching path for your child’s growth and learning.


Developing Inquiring Minds

      • In both Montessori and IB, curiosity is a driving force.
      • This approach not only nurtures a love for learning but also aligns with the IB Learner Profile’s emphasis on developing inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people.This teaching methodology is a key focus that is continued in IB from the Montessori program, aiding in the development of a deep and meaningful connection to their studies for both emotional EQ and academic IQ.


Embracing a Global Perspective

      • Early exposure to global awareness in Montessori is deepened in the IB program by aligning with the IB Learner Profile’s focus on creating open-minded, principled, and culturally aware individuals.


Holistic Growth and the IB Learner Profile

      • We prioritize the holistic development of each child, resonating with the IB Learner Profile’s aim to develop balanced, reflective, and risk-taking individuals.
      • Ashwood Glens approach extends beyond academics, encompassing personal, emotional, and social development.


Beyond Academic Learning: Essential Life Skills

      • Our curriculum goes beyond traditional academics.
      • It emphasizes life skills like independence, resilience, and adaptability —  key attributes in the IB Learner Profile — preparing students for real-world challenges.


Customized Learning Paths with a Focus on Skills

      • Both Montessori and IB acknowledges every child’s unique learning journey – Ashwood Glen’s follows this framework offer specialized subjects and meets each student at their unique pace of learning.
      • This personalized learning experience fosters skills such as communication and self-management, crucial elements of the IB Learner Profile.


Collaborative Learning and Reflective Thinking

      • Teamwork is integral to our education system, supporting the IB Learner Profile’s emphasis on communicators and thinkers.
      • Reflective learning practices enhance students’ self-awareness and effectiveness in their educational journey.


Preparing for a Dynamic Future

      • The transition from Montessori to IB at Ashwood Glen equips students with skills essential for future success, in line with the IB Learner Profile’s goal of creating lifelong learners ready to tackle academic and life challenges.


A Lifelong Passion for Learning

      • Our aim is to instill a lifelong passion for learning, a cornerstone of the IB Learner Profile.
      • This journey, beginning in Montessori and continuing through the IB, keeps students actively engaged and excited about their educational growth.


Why International Baccalaureate (IB) is the Perfect Transition from Montessori

Why International Baccalaureate (IB) is the Perfect Transition from Montessori

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Choosing the right educational path is crucial for your child’s success and well-being.

At Ashwood Glen School, we blend the best of Montessori and IB, aligning with the IB Learner Profile to provide a comprehensive, skill-focused, and fulfilling educational experience.

Join us in nurturing your child’s potential in an environment tailored for their all-around success.

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