Summer Camp at Ashwood Glen Private School Part 1

Summer Camp at Ashwood Glen Private School Part 1

Summer camp recap

Summer Camp at Ashwood Glen Private School Part 1

The summer camp program is a wonderful way to support children as they transition to a new school environment or as they explore new adventures and opportunities. We are offering Full Day sessions. The program is available to students from age 18 months to 6 years. Our youngest campers will enjoy fun-filled summer activities such as exploring the outdoors through nature walks, music and songs, dance, creative arts, games and a host of other activities.

Summer camps at Ashwood Glen allow students to gain confidence, build friendships, learn to contribute to their community and most importantly, have fun.

The first two weeks of Summer break camp at Ashwood Glen private school has been an absolute blast! We’ve had so much fun with each and every one of our students, and I know they have too. Below is a recap of the activities we enjoyed:

First Week – New Adventures:

We had such a fun week getting to know one another, making new friends and creating some new experiences and adventures! There was chalk drawing and our Wednesday Water Day play.
We made lanterns and flags, and scented, coloured playdough which was a big hit! The children loved making marshmallow structures, along with stacking cup towers.

We read along to the Going on a Bear Hunt story and went searching for different animals or insects with our tiny magnifying glasses.

To end off our week, we made some fun cup poppers, binoculars, and delicious S’mores together, along with some Camp songs and a crackling fire to add to the feeling of being near the camp fire.

New adventures week at summer camp
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Second Week – Magical Wizards!

The second week was ‘Magical Wizards’ week. There was magic sprinkled all in between our activities. Our friends practiced some magic tricks with hula hoops, bean bags, juggling, and cards. The children made slime, and attempted to make butter. Our wizards made decorations and Wizard hats/ bubble wands, and sandpaper castles. They were very creative with building their own castles and structures for their magical creatures. We came up with some Spells as well for our games. It was so much fun to see the wonder in their eyes!

Wizard week at summer camp

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Stay tuned for more pictures in the upcoming weeks!

We’ve had two amazing weeks with these guys and we’re excited about the next couple of weeks.

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